Violin Tracks

Live recorded violin tracks straight to your mailbox

1- Your Demo / Score

Send us an Mp3 of your demo with the arrangement to:
If you don’t have an arrangement we can write one for you.
That is our specialty!

2- The recording starts

We start recording your track(s) and send you an MP3 as demo.
We can work very quickly, sometimes even deliver the same day.
After approval we will finalise the tracks.

3- Check your mail

After payment your (separate) tracks will be sent to you directly to your inbox, ready to be used in your production.
It will sound like we recorded in your own studio.

Years of experience


Satisfied clients


Day delivery (depending on project size)

These slides will be slide-able on the live version of your page!
Erwin Steijlen
‘Xander with his Violin Tracks delivers great sounding and wonderfully played violin parts.
His playing on my music is top quality and he is also a great person to work with.
Check out this epic track
or his emotional playing on:
or this great one:
My clients and myself know where to go whenever we need great violin…’
Erwin Steijlen / songwriter/composer
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Audiocult, Rene Merkelbach
Audiocult was able to work with Violin Tracks on several occasions and each time the result was top level.
Perfectly recorded strings which were very well prepared for the mix, it took a lot of workload off our hands.
The Violin Tracks musicians are not only excellent readers, more important: very good players.
Timing, pitch, performance, all at a very high level.
Sometimes we sent in our arrangements, but often Violin Tracks made a perfect arrangement from a simple MIDI track.
So, as well as performance as delivery, for Audiocult Violin Tracks is the perfect partner to team up with.
Deliveries were always before deadlines.
The fees Violin Tracks handles is a “no-brainer”. ‘
René Merkelbach / Audiocult
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Joris Hermy

In contemporary scoring VIOLIN TRACKS is a dynamic tool to bring music to life. Especially in this area of samples, it’s refreshing to have actual musicians performing the music.
The results are highly professional, with a great talent in a variety of styles and always in time even when deadlines are very tight’
Joris Hermy / Composer Orchestrator Conductor Musician

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Ian Melrose
‘I had the pleasure of working with Xander Nichting and “Violin Tracks” on the album “Pure”, which I produced for singer Nina Omilian (Timezone Records).
Within a short time after sending material, I very quickly got a full string ensemble (on separate tracks) and a string quartet (4 tracks).
It was all professionally and wonderfully played – I could slot the tracks into the mix and get working  immediately – and that all for incredibly reasonable rates!
“Violin Tracks” is a dream for any producer who needs professional strings”  –
I can warmly recommend them!’
Track 3 – “Man with the Chid in his eyes”
Ian Melrose /Acoustic guitarist producer arranger composer
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10 reasons to choose  Violin Tracks

1 - High quality violin tracks make your song come alive. (instead of using samples).

2 - No need to hire musicians and a studio, saving you a lot of time and money.

3 - Quick delivery to your studio or home, wherever you are, possible within 24 - 48 hours.

4 - All tracks come in clean and separate files, provides great mix possibilities with ensemble recordings.

5 - You don't have to be an arranger, we can do that for you if needed, that is our specialty.

6 - Low pricing, making this service easy and available (accessible) for everyone.

7 - It sounds as if we recorded at your studio

8 - You always first get a demo, so you can decide if it is what you expect it to be

9 - Choose from different violins, electric or acoustic

10 - Choose solo violin or even string ensembles

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